LONGINES FEI World Cup, Madrid Horse Week 2019


Wow, what a dream come true.. Madrid Horse Week 2019, FEI World Cup!!! Thank you Svenska Ridsportfobundet [Ancan och Henrik] for the honour in representing Sweden at our first world cup. And thanks to my coach Bassem Muhammed and my family for amazing support on site! Diva and Cooper were of course the two stars to come for this trip. It was a long drive to get there and an extra 4 hours added standing on the motorway with an exploded tire. Luckily it was a back tire and no harm came to the horses or damage to the truck. Once on site you forget the long drive and troubles on route and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a show at this standard. The excitement!

Both Diva and Cooper started off with 2 great rounds the first day. An unlucky fence down kept Cooper from grabbing 3rd place. He is naturally fast and will make a good speed jumper. Divas clear round was not as fast but got us a 12th place and gave a great feeling. Coopers 2nd class was a 1.55 and we had a few fences down. He is still new at this level, so we analyse and move on. So to the main event, our first FEI World Cup.. Diva started great and I was sticking to our plan (mine and Bassems). But after fence 7 came the triple combination and fence 8b fell and after that 3 more. I was very disappointed, feeling the result didn't really reflect the feeling I got, it was better than the end result. So with that in mind and our debut done and dusted, we so look forward to round 2 in La Coruna!

Before Madrid we did Peelbergen. Cooper, Diva, Caltessa, Galegra and Vittus.

The weekend before that we went to Liege and the 2 youngsters Cleo Z and Bellona were superstars and clear all 3 days. They are both very promising for the future. Cooper was clear in 1.45 and had one down in the 1.50. He gave a great feeling. Diva gave a very good feeling too and it felt on track for the big shows coming.