New website for a new year


Hi everyone. 

So finally i managed to create a website! Here you can have a look at our horses and follow the latest news and showplan. We had an amazing 2017 with many sold horses and successes at the shows. Also a few new members joined our team. I want to thank everyone for being a part of our great year! Everything from sponsors, partners, clients, grooms, riders, friends, family etc. It was always my dream to have a international showjumping/dealing stable. I can't believe i made it this far already! But without all of you it would never be possible. My biggest supporters have always been my family who never stopped believing in me and my dreams. So the biggest thank you to my mom and dad for always being there for me. 

I posted the other day pictures from 15 years ago when i had cancer and was battling with chemotherapy for 6 months. It was the hardest 6-12 months of my life but it also made me stronger and more eager to fight for what i want. I wanted to give something back and remind myself how lucky i was. The road is never easy and its often you compare your life to that of others. But what i have learned is to live my life and fight my battles in the best way i can. And i am so proud that i built all this up!

Thank you everyone and i wish you all a happy 2018 with lots of love, health and happiness!