Christmas, end of 2018, beginning of 2019, goals, changes, etc..


Sitting here at home reflecting over the past year. The ups and downs and how fast life goes. How you have to appreciate all the small things life has to offer. We live in such a privileged part of the world but it's very easy to take it all for granted and forget to be grateful. We are always wanting more which is a good thing and what makes us work harder but it's also important to stop up and think about how fortunate we are. 

Christmas was lovely spent in Ireland with family. Still not used to not being in Sweden but as long as i have my family around me i'm more then happy! The 3 little monkeys (nephews) are my world and i love theme to bits. Can't wait to have my own but who knows maybe that's not in the stars. I'm however very happy to spend time with theme and the rest of my family and extended family Power what always takes great care of all of us when we are over. 

The end of last year didn't go as anyone of us expects it too. One of the girls in our stable, what also worked for me for a couple of months and who is always there to help out, lost her mother the day after Christmas. So cruel and so unfair to someone who is still young. She was diagnosed with cancer just weeks before and it all went so fast. The funeral was on the 31st of January... What a terrible end of the year for her family. I can't even imagine how hard it must be for theme. It reminds us of how grateful we have to be for all the time we get with our loved ones.  It can all be tacken away from us so fast.. All my thoughts are with theme and i hope they will come out of this stronger. 

I ended last year with showing in Mechelen. Such a nice show and atmosphere to finish of the year:) Horses jumped good and specially the new 7yo mare La Belle Dame Z <3 Such a lovely horse what i am very privileged to ride. Vinze stepped up to the 1.45 level with me and i'm very excited for this coming year with him. Mechelen was also the last show for ny long time groom Fonz (Wouter Vangeloven). He has been my rock for 3,5 years now. I don't know how i'm gonna survive without him but we will do our best! I have a new girl coming next week from Sweden what i'm very happy to have join our team. I'm so grateful to Fonz for all the work and effort he has put in for me and the horses. He started to work for me soon after that i moved to Belgium. From the first show he did for me i knew he was a super guy and he has never disappointed me. It's hard to move on without people that becomes your family. But i understand that he wanna move on in life. I'm always gonna be happy for the time he worked for me and how much he ment for me and the horses. So thank you Fonz for everything you are one of a kind! All the best for you in the future:)

Thankfully i have Mandy and Johanna at home what keeps a track of everything. So thank you guys as well for all your work. I'm sure i'm not always easy but i'm trying my best to be a good boss, friend, fellow human, etc. I hope we will all have a good year together with lots of success.  

On Sunday i go to Dubai for 1 week holiday/work. Indiana is there so i'm fortunate enough to be able to ride her at the CSI4* Al Shira'aa show there. Excited for that and to see all old friends there. Also can't wait to meet Alia and Rashids newest edition to there family <3 I love Dubai and i'm always happy to go back there. It's also nice to get some rest and to recharge my batteries for 2019! I'm sure it's gonna be a great year with all the nice horses i have. Looking forward to an exciting 2019!! Have so many goals i wanna achieve for this year. 

Happy New Year and lots of success for everyone!!