Quincia L (sold to Sweden)

Romantica (sold to Ashford Farm) 

Cleo Z (sold to Alia bin Drai)

Careful Habibty (sold to Khejaim Al Murrai)

Jerizza (sold to Kuwait)

Florida-V (Sold to Francesco Turtorelli Italy)

Ferani (Sold to Qatar)

Avicii (Sold to Romilly Simmons UK)

Hathina Z (Sold to Tal Milstein)

Ayade Hero Z (Sold to Eric Lamaze)

Daylight VH Marissahof (Sold to Ireland)

Heartbeats Diamanti (Sold to Holland)

Corydalis (Sold)

Chaccotano (Sold to Celine Schoonbroodt Belgium)

Toulini Olympic (Sold to Jan Tops)

Ekilly vd Horst (Sold to US Denise Wilson)

AAgaardens Zamina (Sold to Antonia Andersson and Javier Salvador)

Florett Ask (Sold)

A Fellow du Beaufour (Sold to Schweiz)

Max Power (Sold to Holland)

Costa Curta (Sold to Finland)

Gallantino (Sold to Kaitlin Campbell USA)

Lord Curry FP (Sold to UAE and then Canada)

Indiana van Klapsheut (Sold to Alia bin Drai UAE)

Fay S (Sold to USA)

Floor (Sold to Belgium/UK)

Zinidine Zidane (Sold to Finland)

Eros (Sold to Sweden)

Cayo (Sold to Italy)

Do (Sold to UAE)

Everest (Sold to UAE)

Sietske (Sold to USA)

Elona (Sold to Germany)

Caresse (Sold to Belgium)

Sacha (Sold to Qatar)

Candetto (Sold to Holland)

Bowinnie (Sold to Saudi Arabia)

Calvano (Sold to Brazil)

Snowtime (Sold to Italy)

King de Papignies Z (Sold)

Crusador (Sold to Canada)