Our amazing team

We are a young team of different nationalities. Everyone is just as important to make the business and everyday work go as smooth as possible.

Annika Axelsson

Swedish Showjumper that started AA Stables 2012. Annika has been developing several horses up to GP-level. The main focus for Annika has always been to develop young horses up to internationell level. Annika is currently on the Swedish Team and she has resent placings in 4 and 5* 1.60 GP classes.

Olivia Ytterell

Olivia just started this year with AA Stables. She comes from Sweden and have under the last 8 months worked in Germany. She will now be Annikas new showgroom and travel to the shows. Olivia is a very ambitious girl with great attitude. Really happy to have her in our team. She loves the horses and takes great care of them.

Mandy Wienen

Mandy is new to our team and we are very happy to have her. She has long experience of being a home rider/groom. She is doing a great job taking care of the horses at home, both riding and grooming. 

Cathrine Tonna

Cathrine is the newest member of our team. We are very happy to have her and are looking forward to the coming time together. Cathrine helps out with all the daily duties in the stable when necessary and for the rest she's responsible for the younger ones at our stable.