CSIO5* Falsterbo, Dublin, Gijon:)


Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to ride at CSIO5* Falsterbo. A dream that I had since I was a little girl going to the ridingschool everyday. I knew that my horses was in great form but the results we had here was more than I could have dared to hope for. Diva and Zaza started up in the 1.45 class. Diva jumped very good but got a little strong at the end and had 2 small mistakes. Wasn't the best start but I wasn't so worried since the feeling was good. Next out was Zaza in the same class. She jumped a super clear round and finishing on 12thplace. After this it was a short break and then time for Cooper to jump the 1.50 GP qualifier. Cooper is only 9 years old and this was only his 4th 1.50 class in his life so I was a little bit nervous. But he had been feeling great in the warm up class earlier in the morning. So we came in almost full stands and this little guy jumped his heart out to finish with only 1 timefault. I knew I had just qualified for the GP, which wasn't so easy when only 9 individuals qualified out of 21 riders. The rest was pre-qualified for being in the Nation Cup teams. It was the best feeling to ride out from the arena surrounded by applause and meeting the happy faces from Bassem, Olivia, my parents and everyone else;) So first day had been fantastic but now time to have an early night and recharge for the next day.

Friday was the day of the GP. Zaza started the morning with again jumping a super round in the 1.45 and finishing on 9th place. After that I flatted Diva over some poles to get the control a bit better for the GP later on. Coming in as a Swedish rider in Falsterbo is an amazing feeling with the most fantastic crowd. So we where off, already after fence nr 3 I thought to myself if I could just keep it together Diva would jump clear. She was flying, making everything feel easy for me! It was a long and difficult course. When we jumped over the last jump and I looked up at the screan and saw that we just finished with 1 timefault I almost wanted to cry with happiness. We had managed to jump a clear round in Falsterbo 5* 1.60 GP!! What an absolutely dream!! So proud and happy for my princess Diva that got to show what an amazing horse she is. It was a winning round so we qualified as one of the 13 riders to ride the 2nd round. Diva jumped again a super round but I was a bit deep into the double so we had a small mistake there. But still finished on 10th place what is our best placing in a 5* GP so far.

Falsterbo was like a dream coming true and I was so happy that my parents was there to share it with me. They have been the ones who is always there to support me both in good and in bad times. And I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me <3

These last months have been the best time of my life. To be able to ride these big shows have always been my goal. But then to be clear and placed in 3 1.60 GP's in a row is something I could only dream about. I hope this is just the start for me at this level and now I will keep working even harder to be better and stronger at everything.

Next stop was CSIO5* Dublin and i was picked as one of the 5 riders to represent Sweden! So excited to be here and can't wait to get started. I hade with me Diva, Cooper and Cleo. Tripple of greys;)

Dublin was an amazing show in so many ways and what an arena to ride in! My sister and the boys came to visit most of the days and also her partner Paul and his parents. Thank you so much for the support. Diva was a bit to fresh the first day so we didn't get the start we hoped for which put us out from the team. 2nd day she was more back to normal and jumped a nice round in a big 1.60 Jump off class. First I was very disappointed to not make the team. But there will come more times for us and we have so much to learn at this level. Just to be at these shows with all the best riders gives you so much inspiration to work harder and get better. Cooper jumped the whole week amazing and moved one step closer to be doing the biggest level. So excited for this guy and very happy for how he have developed so far. Cleo (7yo) was for the first with us at this big show. He did 2 very nice rounds but ended up just out from the final. He did gain very good experience and he's definitely one to watch in the future.

Now we have two weeks at home with shows in Hasselt and Peelbergen. After that it's time for CSIO5* Gijon with Diva, Cooper, Zaza and Cleo! Can't wait to get to ride at this beautiful showJ

I will have a few days off in Sweden with my family which I'm very much looking forward to.

Have a nice Sunday <3