Driving, Poznan, winter, break...


On the way back from the CSI4*WC show in Poznan. Definitely a good experience for me and the horses to ride at this level. The classes gets bigger and more technical then we are used to. Also the arena is more special with the big public around. It really gives you a different atmosphere. I'm happy with the horses and my performance. Small mistakes here and there kept us from qualifying for the WC but we managed to qualify for the other 3 finals. Diva jumped good and got 14th place the first day and with unlucky rails in both the 1.50 classes. But i defently feel she's a horse for this level, we just need to work on all the small details to get the perfect result. Indiana as well did a very good round the 2nd day and finished on 12th place. On Saturday evening she jumped the Speed & Music Final, a crazy class with loud music and the crowed screaming the whole way around. She started of very good but got a bit to stressed at the end from all the screaming. I also had my new horse Vinze with me, he jumped better and better during the week, and did a good round the last day with only fault on the last line what kept us from finishing on 2nd place. So result wise not the best show but we gained a lot of experience and it will definitely be good for the future and hopefully will help us in more shows like this.

Now we are driving back and have 10 hours left to go.. Fonz is a champ to drive and does must of the driving. I will do a few hours thou so he can have a rest;)

This was the last international show for the year. Now these ponies will have a bit of a break and recover and rebuild for next year. I will do a few more shows with the young ones and then i will also have a small break from shows. I have many promising young ones for next year so really looking forward to that. Still deciding what shows to do next year but it will definitely be 1-2 tours in Spain. I will probably go to Oliva in March and maybe try the new show in Sevilla in February. For me the winter gets to long if you stay here the whole time! And i think it's always a great start for the horses to start of at these tours, specially for the young ones. They learn so much and develops a lot during 3 weeks showing.  

Working in the truck is for me the best! Now distractions from anything else, only hours and hours on the road;) So i'm gonna finishing of some other work and then take over the driving a bit.

Have a nice Sunday and take care:)