Gijon, Lanaken, sold horses, new horses..


Hi everyone!

Perfect evening to update my website since I lost my voice due to a cold.. Hoping to feel better soon but at least get to catch up with updating the website;)

Three weeks ago I had the great pleasure to represent Sweden in my first 5* Nations Cup. Accually I have only ever done one Nations Cup before and that was last year at CSIO3* Lisbon. So this was a bit different level. First of all Gijon was an absolutely beautiful show with a big impressive grass ring. It was a slightly different setup with betting in many classes. Made the classes take longer than normal but a fun idea and it brought a lot of audience for these classes especially. If you did good and they hadn't bet on you they booed and if you did bad and they bet on you they booed;) So a bit special, but overall a fun initiative. So back to the horses. Cleo got to come with us and jump the 7yo classes. He did great and finished on 8th place the first day and 3rd in the final! Zaza jumped 2 classes and was clear and placed in both. So happy with how she has developed lately and the way she's been jumping. Cooper jumped 2 super rounds in the 1.50 classes with one small mistake in each. He also did his first 1.60 "Small GP" in a very promising way. I over road one line a bit which cost us some mistakes. But Cooper did this big class with so much confident and ability which feels very promising for the future:) Diva got to jump a small class the first day which she did in a very relaxed and easy way. So on Friday it was time for our first 5* Nations Cup!! I was put as 4th rider for Sweden and had seen our other 3 riders all produce nice rounds. Diva started up with jumping fantastic as always and she flew over the triple, after that it was a role back for the water jump. I wanted to ride it just enough without putting to much pressure on her since the distance after was 7 short strides to a tall 1.60 vertical. But when I came close, my distance was gone. I was 1,5-2 meters to far away. I tried to put another stride in but brave as Diva is she took off and there was no chance for us to make it. After this we cleared all the rest of the jumps but was 0,5 second too slow so we finished on 4 faults. Disappointed in myself since Diva never have trouble with the water. But still very happy with our first Nations Cup. All the joy she brings me is better than anything. So extremely happy to have her and to get to experience all this with her. I started to think it was too late for me to get to the highest level in our sport. But she's one of a kind and for sure a horse of a lifetime for me <3 

In Gijon there was some interest in Zaza and when we came back home the deal got finished and she was sold. Mixed feelings when it is my job to sell them but still can't help to get attached to them when you spend so much time together.. I'm sure she's gonna continue to do great and hoping to see her on some big shows in the future. 

So lately we have been getting some new horses as well. 10yo Valentin, who has already done 1.50 level. So very happy to add him to my string of horses. Also some new promising 6yo horses that I will keep you updated on with some new videos coming soon. 

Two weeks ago we jumped the 3* show in Lier but mostly brought the young ones to get ready for the World Breeding Championships in Lanaken. Bellona did us proud as always and finished on 4th and 3rd place. Also Nofa was clear and placed together with Agenda, Caltessa and Conradoc. 

Last week we went to the 3* show in Bonheiden with Diva, Cooper, Indiana and Valentin. With Valentin it was our first show together and he jumped some nice rounds. Indiana started with a placing the first day and then one unlucky rail each day, but still very happy with her doing her first 2* GP in a long time with only 4 faults. Cooper got to jump 2 easier classes this week and he did that in a very relaxing way. Diva jumped good the 2 first days with one down each day. Then a day off before the 3* GP. Again she did a super round but with one unlucky fault in the triple combination. So a good show but a few 4 faults rounds kept it from beeing a really good show.

So this week it's time for Young Horse Championships in Lanaken!! Very excited for this show. I will be riding Cornet's Fire in the 5yo class. Bellona Olympic, Nofa and Caltessa in the 6yo class. And Cleo will be jumping in the 7yo class. Hoping for a nice show with good results. I'm very happy that my parents will be coming down tomorrow to spend the weekend her with me:) Family is so important to me and my parents have always been my biggest supporters. 

Now I'm gonna have an early night and hopefully get my voice back for tomorrow!