Knokke, Valkenswaard, Opglabbeek, Florida..


It's always your favourites leaving first. Running your own business and to live from buying, selling and training horses can both be the best job in the world but also the hardest. How do you sell something you love..? The love for the horses is always the thing that push me to work the hardest. I love all my horses, some more then others of course;) But they all have something special. To look into there eyes can bring the biggest joy to my heart. This big fantastic animal who will do the most amazing things for you. So when you sell one of your favourites its hard and the decision isn't easy. But it is what i live from and sometimes the best have to go first. This year i have had already many special horses and a few of them already left me for there new owners. 

The last one was Florida who did his first show in Fontainebleau last week with his new owner. We bought Florida last year in October and the first couple of months was a bit of a struggle when he was horse shy and tensed in the warm up. But it all got better and better and he became a very promising 8yo that already was double clear in Lisbon CSIO3* 1.45 class and finished there on 9th place. I hope he will do great with his new owner and that we will see him on big shows in the future.

A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of riding at the fantastic show in Knokke! Such a nice show with great facilities. Horses did well. Galegra "Gigi" did her first international 6yo classes like a pro and finished on 8th place after a double clear in the 6yo Final. Quincia also did good in the 7yo classes and was also placed on 8th place in one of the classes. Diva was as always a star:) So much love for this fantastic horse. The first day in the 1.45 3* GP qualifier we finished 10th after a double clear. 2nd day a unlucky fault in the 1.50. On Saturday evening we did our first 1.55 3* GP. The biggest and most difficult class i have ever jumped. Diva did her absolut best and jumped all the difficult parts super, at the end of the course i rushed it a bit to much to make the time and we got a few small mistakes. But it was a great experience and i hope we get the opportunity soon again to improve those mistakes. 

Last week i jumped Bellona, Cadanza and Galegra at the Global Future Champions YH in Valkenswaard. Bellona and Cadanza did there first international show and both delivered 2 nice clear rounds each. Galegra also did all rounds great with just 4 faults in each round. 

Finishing of last week i took Diva, Quinn and Indiana to CSI2* Opglabbeek. Indiana did her first show back after some time off. She jumped 3 nice rounds in the 1* and is now ready for stepping up one level at the next show. Quinn is jumping better and better again and finishing on a 6th place the last day. Diva jumped a super clear round in the GP qualifier the first day. In the GP Diva unluckily tripped into the first combination and we needed to make a circle and jump it again. After that she jumped a super round and she was feeling great. 

Now a few weeks of smaller shows with the young ones and to give the other ones a small well deserved break. Next bigger show will be CSI3* Opglabbeek:) 

Now we will try to survive the next coming days with even hotter weather!

Take care.