New year, changes, sales, leaving, etc...


2020 didn't exactly start in the best possible way. A lot can change in a short amount of time. Cooper went back to Christian (Ahlmann) and will now be competing under him. I'm so grateful to Judy-Ann (Melchior) for trusting me with Cooper during the last 8 months. He have been an amazing horse for me and in so many ways helped me in my career. I have so much love for this little horse and it was with a very heavy hearth i saw him leave. I'm wishing him all the best in the future and looking forward to seeing him in the big rings. Thank you Cooper <3 

But it has also been a good start seeing some horses off to there new owners and welcoming some new ones. Galegra got sold to an amazing family in Belgium and there 13 year old daughter will now be competing her. Conradoc got sold to Spain and left for his new home last week. From new horses we have so far welcomed, First Lady, Canberra, Haloubet Hitchcock and Adessa. Looking forward to getting to know this new gang and hopefully see them leave to new nice homes in the near future. I have done some small shows with all of them and hoping for a nice partnership with them all. 

First week of January we already did a national show in De Warre with some of the horses. Every one was feeling good and ready for a new year!

Last week i rode the first CSI of the year in Sentower. I had Luigi, Cleo, Bellona, Cornet and Vittus with me. Vittus did two good rounds in the 1.35 and 1.40 with just one unlucky rail in each class. Cleo jumped 2 clear rounds in 1.30-1.35 and had one down the last day in the 1.40, very excited to develop him this year! Cornet's Fire stepped up and jumped his first 6yo classes like a pro. 2 days clear and 4 faults in the final, so happy with his development. Luigi jumped a good round on Thursday in the 1.40 with just one down. On Friday he did his first 1.45 LR class with just one unlucky rail. He jumps it very easy and I'm looking forward to moving him up in the classes the next coming months. Bellona was the star of the weekend! Jumping into a 6th place the first day in the 7yo class and 5th the 2nd day. In the final on Sunday she jumped another clear round, one down in the jump off kept us from 2nd place. So happy for this little horse who keeps making every level she moves up to just as easy <3

Now i have just landed in Dubai and will spend one week here training Alia at home and at the Al Shiraa show. Also getting some sun and catching up with friends!

Have a nice day everyone:)