Oliva Nova, Bobo, sold horses, changes...


So it's been very long since my latest update. Its been 2 months filled with many good things but also heartbreaking looses. I haven't really had the motivation to make an update before but i thought it was about time now. So lets start from the beginning of the year. 

January was a quiet month with some national shows and mostly preparation for Spain. Some new staff and after a few changes i must say that we have a great team that i'm very happy about!!

We took 8 horses with us to Oliva Nova for the MET II. Olivia that is my new showgroom and then Ellis that came along to help extra. The trip down went well and all horses traveled good. Only the extra driver for the truck managed to be 30 min late, drive on the wrong side of the road and drive in at a gasstation where the maximum height was 3,3 meters and big signs with NO TRUCKS didn't seem to warn him enough... Anyway after a bad start we managed to get to Oliva all in one piece!

Horses settled in well and it was time to start the first week. All young horses jumped very nice with good results. Cartouche is always a star and didn't disappoint anyone as usual. Cleo was the big star of the young ones! He has really grown into his shoes and jumped 6/7 clear rounds during all 3 weeks there. He was literally flying over the quit big 1.35-1.40 tracks that was put up for the 7yo's. Also Tiji, Caltessa and Clarimo did a good first week.

Older horses i had Diva, Quinn and Belle with me. Diva started the first day jumping fantastic in the 1.45 GP qualifier to finish on 6th place. Quinn did 3 good clear rounds and Belle jumped super in the 1,40 the first day and i decided to jump her in the 1.45 LR class the 2nd day. She had a unlucky rail but showed lots of potential considering she's only 8 years old. Diva jumped only the GP after the first class and she jumped another good round but ended up being a bit to strong for me at the last line. Some small things to work on for the coming weeks.

2nd week we got a extra horse in form of Levisto Alpha Z. This fairytale horse is a real eye-catcher and a dream to ride. He jumped nice clear rounds in the 1.35 and 1.40. Young horses kept jumping great with a 3rd place for Clarimo in the 5yo class and a 5th place for Cleo in the 7yo Final. Cartouche was 6th in the 6yo Final and also 6th the last day. Caltessa steeped up to the 6yo class and jumped nice clear rounds. Tiji still has a few things to learn but jumped around nice with 4 faults. Belle got sold this week so only did 2 classes with her which she did very nice. Quinn jumped again nice rounds but i kept her in the 1.35-1,40 classes to build her up for the rest of the season. Diva was again very good the first two days in the 1.40 and 1.45 but in the GP again some small mistakes.

Week 3 started as a nightmare when my Bobo got hit by a car Monday morning just outside the stable area. He was just 10 meters behind me when i hear a bang and him screaming. I turn around and he is tumbling around crying and screaming. I run back and pick him up, screaming for someone to call the vet. But only a few minutes later he passes away in my arms. Its the worst possible feeling seeing the life fade away in the eyes of someone you love so deeply. Bobo was always with me and more like a child to me then a dog. I was sitting there with him in my arms in what felt like forever. Completely in chock and paralysed with sadness. Nice people stopped by and slowly helped take him away and take me back to the stables. That whole day felt like a big cloud and a bad nightmare. Still can't really believe he is gone.. But thank you to my fantastic friends and grooms for helping me threw that day and the coming days. Bassem for riding my horses, Olivia and Ellis for all there support with the horses and everything else. Cissi, Denise, Jannike and everyone else who was so kind and understanding. The first days after was a struggle to ride and to focus on anything but thanks to everyone it was possible to still do my job. 

Horses jumped again very good week 3. Also Cartouche got sold after again jumping 2 super clear rounds. Diva was placed in the LR class, had some unlucky faults in the beginning of the 3* GP but in general the control and everything starts to get better. Specially thanks to Bassem who put endless hours into me and the horses in Spain. So grateful to have a trainer that care so much and who really wants the best for you. Quinn and Levisto jumped again very nice clear rounds in 1.40 and 1.35 classes. Clarimo was again 2 days clear and placed in the 5yo classes. As well as Cleo what have really stepped up to become a very promising 7yo with a bright future. Can't wait to bring him to bigger shows this summer. 

The trip home went well and all horses travelled good. The young horses have learned so much and gained a lot of experience. The older ones got a good start on the season and i'm really looking forward to get started here as well!! So fortunate to have this many good horses and good owners. Thank you!!!

When i came home on Tuesday i was meet by the cutest little boy (Jack Russell and Tackel) same breed as Bobo. Bassem found him for me and arranged that he came the same day i was back. It really helps in the process of grieving because who can not be happy with a little guy wanting your attention all the time. And giving so much love and joy:) So thank you Bassem!     

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Take Care and have a nice day!