Spring coming up


When i was a little girl living in Sweden going to the ridingschool everyday, my biggest dream was to have a big stable filled with good horses and going to shows all over the World. Now i have that and i sometimes can't believe how lucky i am and how far i have come. Imagine me from a small town (Vinslöv) with parents who doesn't have a special interest in horses, managed to build up a stable in Holland with around 30 horses. But then you always keep wanting more instead of trying to live in the moment and be happy. Sometimes you forget to look back on how much you have achieved and only focusing on what more you want. I used to dream about being able to go to international shows jumping GP's, and now i do. For sure i want to keep growing and hopefully do bigger shows and keep developing my company but i will try not to forget to live in the moment.

It's a hard balance between working hard for your goals but to not forget to enjoy life and live life. I always put my work before personal life and i always been happy to do so. But the older you get the more you think about other things in life. I have a lovely family, two amazing parents what would do anything for me. A sister that i don't see often enough but who has the best 3 boys i know and that i always enjoy spending time with. And i also have amazing friends both close and also to far away. Does get you to travel more and seeing new places when you visit them thou;) 

Enough about personal and back to work! I'm very excited for this year and what it has to offer. I believe it's gonna be a fantastic year. We have a great group of horses, the best group i ever had. I can't wait to see how all the young little stars will develop. Many of them we have had since they were 3-4 years old and they are all growing up to be great horses. Some special ones to look out for is definitely Ayade Hero Z, Chakilly Z, Mylord Cadanza Z, Bellona Olympic, Diamant de Revel II, Daylight, Cleo, Bernardo du Beaufour, Chintano. Just to mention a few of them, but i believe there is a few among the rest of the group that will for sure surprise us doing the year! My hope for this season is that me and my special lady Quinn can do some good results at 3* level so that we can start to do some bigger shows. Also 8yo Florida did a good step up in Oliva and delivered clear rounds in 3* 1.40 classes so hopefully he can soon make it to the next level.

After some good weeks in Oliva we had this weekend an indoor show in De Peelbergen with many of the other horses. We had many good results with both young and older horses. Dutch was 6th and Lord Holstein 9th in the 1.35. Chakilly, Cadanza and Ballymoss clear in there classes and all the rest also jumped good rounds. Chintano, Gina and Image all jumped nice rounds with Johanna and have all developed good over the last months. 

Next week outdoor season starts here in Holland/Belgium, hopefully the weather will be good!

Have a nice Sunday everyone!