Uggerhalne, Poznan, Sopot, sold horses, etc.



So the last couple of weeks have been really busy but also a lot of fun!

A few weeks ago we got selected to represent Sweden at CSIO3* Uggerhalne in Denmark. So happy to get this chance to compete at this level. I brought 3 horses with me. Diva, Cooper and Quinn. Quinn only jumped the 1* but was placed and jumped very good all 3 days. Cooper got the task of going the 1.45 G qualifier already the first day. he jumped great with only one mistake in the tripple combination. 2nd day he was clear and placed in the 1.40 and on Sunday he jumped his first 1.50 LR and was clear finishing on 5th place in a difficult jump off class! He has so much quality and i'm really looking forward to the coming shows with him:) Diva was a star all week, first day she got a easy start in the 1.40 jumping a nice clear round. 2nd day she jumped the 1.50 LR GP qualifier amazing and was clear finishing on 12th place. On Sunday we jumped our first 1.60 GP and she jumped fantastic. A small riders error on a vertical cost us a place in the jump off, but i'm so happy how she has been developing the last couple of months. 

On home front we have sold a couple of horses, Carrick got sold to Ireland, Diabolo to America and Naomi to Finland. All 3 are so nice horses and i'm sure they will make there new owners/riders very happy! Thank you to Frederik de Bakker, Anne-Liza Makkinga and Elin Uppling for the trust in training and selling of your horses. The young horses are developing good and have done some training- and nationalshows. 

Last week we went to CSI4* Poznan with Diva, Cooper and Zaza. Zaza jumped two beautiful rounds in the 1.40 classes and was placed. Cooper was clear and placed in the 1.40 the first day. 2nd day he jumped the 1.45 LR Winning Round class, we had one mistake and was the first one out from Winning Round. But he jumped super and keeps getting better and better. Diva jumped the first day the 1.50 GP qualifier, she was flying and we where clear all the way to the last jump. One small touch behind kept us away from the jump off but so so happy with her. On Sunday it was time for our first 4* 1.60 GP. Fences looked huge but sitting on Diva with so much scope i wasn't really that nervous, i knew i only had to keep it together and i knew she was in great form. When we landed after the last jump and we where still clear it was the best feeling! We finished on 5th place after one down in the jump off but i couldn't be happier with her performance <3 So happy and proud over Diva and very thankful to her owners for trusting me to ride her. 

On Friday in Poznan we got approached by the organiser of CSIO5* Sopot and he asked if we wanted to participate to there the week after. It wasn't the best moment since i was normally going to a wedding and Olivia was going for holidays with her family but when you get a chance like this you have to take it. So now we are sitting here in a very warm but very beautiful show in Sopot. I'm feeling so privileged to ride here and when i'm thinking back at myself as a 1o yo pony rider it almost feels like a dream to be able to ride these type of shows. I'm so excited for this week and can't wait to get started!

Thank you to everyone around me what makes this possible owners, sponsors, family, friends, staff, etc. Specially to Olivia what makes a great job with the horses here and also to Mandy and Cathrine what makes sure everything is working at home and keeping the horses in shape:) <3

Have a look at Divas 5th place in the 4* 1.60 GP

and Coopers 5th place in the 1.50 LR